Surfacing Technologies in Hotels and Restaurants

Whether it’s fingerprint image source activation for room entry or facial acceptance for visitor security, these emerging technologies in accommodations and restaurants will help keep guests safe and secure. In the digital age, guests security is of the utmost importance. The latest biometric authentication technology provides the most secure means to establish a guest’s identity. When using the TSA Pre-Check program and Nexus course, the food industry has got quickly recognized the importance of safety. Further, future applications of biometric systems will likely include behavioral biometrics.

One of the most significant innovative developments in hospitality is the electric keycard, that was developed by a Norwegian in the 1970s. Tor Sornes’ first version was a plastic card with 32 holes onto it. The plastic-type material was bent into unique patterns for each visitor, which allowed hotel personnel to easily recognize the guests’ preferences. The idea was thus effective, Sornes continued to produce it till 1978. Today, many accommodations use these technologies to make their products more efficient and personalized.

In hotels and restaurants, technology is vital to a wonderful guests experience. For example, many accommodations and eating places have customer apps which provide useful information. Another ground breaking feature is definitely the guest messaging system. It is important to stay in feel with conventional hotel staff and customers at all times. With these tools, guests can stay linked and converse directly with hotel staff. These innovative developments can help a hotel improve the quality of service and maintain the customers completely happy. In addition , these technologies can easily increase the output of personnel and help increase customer satisfaction.

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